So today we’ll be talking about relationships and Im not talking Boyfriend/Girlfriend type relationship, I’m talking the real deal–>MARRIAGE!

Through out my life, I can say I’ve attended well over 10 weddings and as each year has gone by, the quality of these weddings have increased.I do not know about guys but for we girls, we start fantasizing about our wedding days pretty early from the Wedding gown to the Brides Maids dresses and all that 😀

I mentioned earlier that as each year goes by, the quality of weddings I attend keep increasing but theres one more thing thats been increasing too and it really scares me—> DIVORCE!!!!!!!!

Ive been thinking a lot about why this is so and a couple of things came to mind.I have witnessed the preparation of about 3 weddings, each of which started at least a year before the actual wedding; from picking out aso ebi to sending out invites to getting venues and all, I must say its pretty interesting planning weddings,I just might be a wedding planner you know, lol.Weddings in Nigeria have well over 2 parties,we’ve got The Introduction, The Engagement , Engagement Reception, Bachelors Eve, Hens Night, White wedding ,Wedding Reception then Thanksgiving and if you want to put the icing on the cake Thanksgiving Party :).In my parentngagems time it was probably just 2 events; Eent and Wedding, finish! I do not know how and when all these little other events came in ( Thanksgiving party et al) but some how they did.

What exactly is a wedding?A wedding is basically an ushering into marriage, like the entrance of marriage but a lot of people fail to realize this simple fact.People spend years preparing for their wedding day and miss out the most important thing–>their MARRIAGE and I feel this is the reason why the rate of divorce has increased over the past few years.

The wedding day people spend years preparing for is really just a group of critics sitting down to eat your food and comment.These people wont go home with you &  these people wont be there when there are problems so why spend years preparing to entertain them rather than preparing for your actual marriage?I personally feel MARRIAGE is a very big deal and people fail to realise that, at weddings I get really emotional, at times I’m close to tears, not because the wedding is beautiful or the food/ decoration is nice but because these two souls are making such a big/bold step.Marriage is for better for worse and thats scary to me. Our generation need to realise this ‘for better for worse’ thing, its not something you wake up one morning and say oh I’m tired and I want a divorce—> NOOO ,divorce should never be an option.

So please please and please  if you are getting married just because you want to experience a wedding day, make your next birthday theme wedding or something and to all you soon to be wives/husbands spend time learning how to be a good wife/husband, a good mother/father and not how you’ll impress the invitees at your wedding because really and truly they’ll all leave and it would just be you and your spouse left.

Dont get it twisted people, I LOVE WEDDINGS but I understand that I have to be prepared for both the entrance and what I’m entering(Marriage) and you should too 🙂

I really cant wait to see WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO by TYLER PERRY, been searching for it online,if you have a link kindly leave it as a comment 😀