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Hmmmm amebos, did I say they came together, why are you getting excited?? lol.Sorry for getting your hopes high but I do not know if they came together but what I do know is that they both attended the birthday party and they both looked very happy in their pictures :).Sadly there were no shots together but here are the pictures from the party anyway.



So finally, after almost a week since the whole D’banj/Genevieve relationship news came out,Genevieve finally talks about it in an interview with Desola Bakare of Encomium.
Enjoy 🙂
Genevieve Nnaji-“I can only say that I would like to keep my private life private and I really don’t have anything to say”

But if one part of a couple reveals that he is going out with someone as high profile as yourself, it makes the story credible if you can actually confirm this…
Genevieve “Dbanj is an adult and he has said something. Let’s just leave it at that…”

But can you clarify the whole thing by simply conforming or denying it?
Genevieve “I don’t want to talk about my private life. I don’t do it. I am well aware that people will say things. People have been calling me to find things out, but I am not going to say anything. I have learnt over the years that no matter what I say, people will say and believe what they like…you can not please everybody. This is my own way of handling things. I just don’t talk about my private life. It’s the one thing I can control”

But is it real or a publicity stunt? Is Dbanj lying?

Genevieve “Does he lie?”

By that are you inferring that he wasn’t telling a lie and what he said is true.

Genevieve “I am not inferring or insinuating anything. One person has said something and that really is enough. I am not saying I will never talk about it, but for now I do not wish to say anything about the matter.”

Source: Desola Bakare – Encomium magazine


So news just reached us that the Kokomaster, Dbanj openly admitted to being in a serious relationship with Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji in an interview with Stella Dimoko Korkus  of Encomium Weekly.I must say its rather shocking and really hard to believe but heres the interview, Enjoy!
You were spotted secretly and publicly at different places with Genevieve Nnaji and we heard you both are in some kind of relationship. Is this true?
D’Banj “Yes, yes, yes. We have been trying to keep this quiet but yes, I am dating Genevieve Nnaji.
Okay. We heard you recently featured her in your music video, ‘Fall in Love.’ Is this a publicity stunt or is it a real relationship?
D’Banj “This is all so funny because beyond the personal feelings I have for Genevieve, on the business side, she is the only one who represented what we were looking for to shoot the video. She represents Africa. She represents the African Queen. She is the biggest and was even profiled on the Oprah Winfrey Show. So it was a mixed feeling for me. She was the perfect person to use for the song ‘Fall in Love’. She even was my perception of someone you would want to fall in love with and have in your life. I believe the average African man wherever you are, if you want to think of whom you would want to fall in love with, if you close your eyes and take a deep breath, it’s Genevieve that will come to mind. So business-wise, she represented everything we were looking for to make the video.”
You must have been looking at her whilst you were singing. Were you really telling her your feelings?
D’Banj “I am in love with Genevieve. It’s been long I felt this way about anyone. I don’t know what other words to use to qualify my feelings. But when you see the video, you will know that it’s not just a video, it was me talking to my girl for real.
So is this a marriage-headed relationship?
D’Banj “Like I just told you, Genevieve is my girlfriend. In fact, I don’t like using that word girlfriend. She’s my baby, she’s my every thing and I love her. We are both very mature and also very private. We would like to take it one step at a time right now and would appreciate if people will respect our need for privacy at this time.
When the news of this relationship hits the streets, we are sure you both know what will happen next. Are you ready for this?
D’Banj “Well, what can I say? Like I said, Genevieve is the biggest African star that I know and I am in the public eye, so it is to be expected. But I personally do not care about any news that wants to come out. I am proud of whom I am with. When I met Genevieve I knew what I wanted and I went after it and I am still with what I want and she’s the one I want. Right now the only woman in my life is Genevieve and she knows that. We want to be together and we don’t want to hide it any longer. I want to be able to take her out, walk into anywhere with her and not have to hide. I’ve found my kokolet, my woman. Please pray for us.”


ije_movieSo basically this is the third time I’m doing a post on this movie,IJE and trust me that means something.I stumbled upon a couple of  pictures from the movie and I just thought it will be nice to share the them with you guys.I must say this movie is gonna be maaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhddddddd.

I mus say Nigerian movies are really really stepping up,I need not say much really,you know what they say about pictures being worth a thousand words.Look for your self and tell me what you think.

P.S for more details on the movie(release date,premier,cinema)  click here




Since the inception of film-making in Nigeria 15 years ago, the world has been waiting for one Nollywood film that stands apart from the rest, one that will capture the minds and hearts of movie-goers worldwide, one that will leave a timeless memory, capable of illustrating the creativity, tradition, and essence of Nigerian culture. IJE is that movie.  Typically, Nollywood movies neglect the way films should be made by ignoring production value, focusing instead on famous actors and actresses. IJE which means “the journey” in the Nigerian language Igbo, will undeniably revolutionize the way Nigerian movies are viewed and created, as it is the first Nollywood film to include features common to Hollywood movies.

Unprecedented in scope, IJE tells a tale of Chioma, a child growing up in the Nigerian countryside, who warned her restless sister, Anya, about the trappings of the American Dream.  Now ten years later, Anya is accused of killing three men in a Hollywood Hills mansion—one of them her record producer-husband.  Chioma travels from Nigeria to Los Angeles, and with the help of a young, unproven attorney, discovers that the dark secret her sister wants to keep hidden might be the only thing that can win her freedom. A majority of the film was shot in the U.S. on 35mm, but it has flash back scenes that were shot on location in Jos, Nigeria.

Directed and produced by Nigerian Born Chineze Anyaene, “IJE” is a compelling drama with organic twists and turns. Anyaene is the youngest female director, and the first woman to film 35mm in Nollywood. Also produced by Paula Moreno, one of the first Producers in L.A. to take on the challenge of filming a Nollywood feature, the film boasts of an internationally diverse cast, such as Nigerian A-lister’s Genevieve Nnaji, who was recently profiled by Oprah Winfrey as one of the most famous people in the world, Nigeria’s sweetheart Omotola Ekeinde, and critically acclaimed actor Clem Ohameze. Hispanic sensation Odalys Garcia and upcoming actor Ulrich Que join the brilliant cast, a component that makes the film widely appealing to international audiences. Anyaene and Moreno, two trailblazing minority women, are determined to make a change in the international movie industry by merging the Hollywood and Nollywood industries.

IJE: THE JOURNEY is set for an exclusive screening at Warner Bros. on November 14, 2009 in Burbank, CA. For more information, marketing, and promotional opportunities please contact priscabu09@gmail.com



Okay so the first thing that attracted me to this movie was the poster , not your typical Naija movie poster eh? I must say Naija movies are really upping their game, first it was ‘The Figurine’ now ‘IJE’ I wonder whats next???

Basically IJE tells the story of 2 sisters; Genevieve and Omotola and their many travails in life.The movie was shot in Lagos and Los Angeles.

Its definately a MUST SEE but sadly it wont be out till March 2010 😦

Totally looking forward to it.

Are you?