Interview With Femi Adeyinka


1.  Can We get to know you better?

My name is Femi I spent my early years in Nigeria. At age 12 I moved to the US. I’m an R n B artiste with my eyes on the global market.

2.  When did you realize music was your calling and what genre of music are you into?

I discovered music in high school after which I joined a group 4th Coming.  We did a lot of work in the New England area in the US and after which I went solo. I sing great R n B music.

3.  You said you were previously a member of the group 4thComing, what happened to the group and what led you to make the decision to go solo?

4thComing was an amazing group at the time. I felt we had a common goal (music) just different paths. My family and friends encouraged me to continue on my own which was very different for me and yet so rewarding.

4.  Based on our findings, we noticed you have collaborated with huge artists like Cassidy and Pritty boy, How did that come about?

The right place at the right time that’s how.  I was at the studio finishing my session Pritty boy happens to record at the same studio he was getting ready for his session. He mentioned he had a track he wanted me to feature on, he played it and I wrote the hook on the spot. Cassidy heard it laced the track and the rest is history.

5.  In the Nigerian Music Industry, RnB is a fiercely competitive genre, what do you think you can bring to the table that other artists haven’t?

With due respect to all Nigerian Artistes, there has not been a consistent effort to internalize our music. What I bring is a lot of talents, a lot of flare and a determination to take my music into the international realm.

6.  Growing Up, who were your musical influences?

Soul legends like Steven Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson. Contemporary singers like New Edition, Usher, Black Street, JODECI and Joe.
7.  When did you decide it was time to come home?

I believe the world is a global market you need to have a home base and this has inspired me to come back home to my motherland Nigeria to build from base up.

8. What do you think the Nigerian Music Industry is missing and do you think you can fill up that void?

I believe the Nigeria market has come a long way. I feel the void that I can fill is taking the music and culture into the international realm.

9. What inspired ‘Ma Pa Mi’ and why did you choose Ego to feature on it?

Ma pa mi was not supposed to happen. It was my baby sister (Bunmi) that pushed me to record the song when I got to Nigeria. Ego was introduced to me by my Uncle (Gbenga Adeyinka 1st). I heard her sing and have so much respect for her vocally. To find out she was the lead singer to the great musician Lagbaja without no question she was the perfect piece of the puzzle.

10. Is there a mix tape or an album in the works and when can we expect it to drop?

I’m in the process of signing with probably Nigeria’s best music label who are in sync with my vision and by the first quarter of next year by God’s grace my album will drop

11. We at Gidilounge strongly believe you have something to offer to the Naija Music Scene and we feel this is just the beginning for you, what advice can you give upcoming artists like you?

Thank you for the kind and encouraging words.  My advice would be stay true, believe in yourself and put God first.  Stay off drugs and keep it moving.  Keep in mind Nigeria is big but the international scene is bigger.

12. Any last words for your fans?

I know a lot of you don’t me yet, for those who do thank you for you love and support and I won’t let you down.    To those who will in time get to know me I can’t wait for us to get to the top together.


New Artiste Taking Gidi By Storm-FEMI

femi3New R’n’B vocalist, FEMI has come a long way. A native of Abeokuta, Ogun state Nigeria. Born in Lagos, he had his early education in Lagos and Ibadan before he proceeded at age 12 to the USA. While in college in the US Femi discovered his talent for singing and decided to pursue it full time and thus began to build a musical career. Femi continued to sing and write music while learning about the music business and became one of the lead vocalists in an R&B male group called 4thComing. They performed in talent shows, and community functions. The group was well known in the New England area of the US. Femi started his solo career in 2000 and has collaborated with various artist and producers such as Cassidy from Full Surface Record, Pritty Boy from A-Records, London based Producer Kingsley O from Stryke Entertainment Femi has been invited to and has performed at different awards and non-award ceremonies. He has had the privilege of opening for and to share the same stage with internationally known artistes such as 2Face Idibia and Ne-Yo.

Femi believes that to have a global impact, you need to have a home base and this has inspired him to come back home to his motherland, Nigeria to build from base up. Femi is blessed with a powerful soul voice and has got what it takes to be successful in the mainstream market. He is currently working on his debut album.

He recently released His promo cd entitled ‘Ma Pa Mi’ which includes 2 of his songs-Ma Pa Mi feat Ego and Never felt a love.These songs have been on replay in radio stations in Nigeria and can be heard on his myspace page

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