What is an accident? Does anyone set out to have an accident intentionally? Do we set out for journeys expecting not to arrive at our destinations? Must death be a result of an accident?… These were some of the questions that raced through my mind when I heard that Da Grin, the enigmatic, wave making rapper had been involved in an accident and that he was in a coma.

Trust Nigerians, they said a lot of things, “Ha! He was Drunk”, “He was over speeding”, “He was answering a call”, He was with a woman”, and trust them now! They would be ready to swear to this lies in the name of God almighty. The only thing I didn’t hear was “Ha! I know what I am talking about now, I was in the car with him!, Haba! Nigerians, I pray that one day God will exorcise the spirit of rumour mongering in our lives. Amen? Amen.

Then came the next phase; the stage of BlackBerry rumour. I am sure that the BB, was not invented for what we use it to do in Nigeria. Have you noticed that if we are not wishing people dead on BB, we are threatening people with “If you don’t send this message to all your contact, God will punish you”. I have always maintained that God does not need BB to get us to worship or talk about him, God is not a God of worship me by threat; He is a caring God who would bless who he wants, no matter what. What is so annoying is that, when you tell people you don’t like the threat messages, they become very rude and behave as if you are wrong for pointing out the obvious. My former BB friend “Angelhips” will know what I am talking about here.

If you know the Number of people that are purported to have died on BB, If you know the number of Your money is on the way if you broadcast this to your contact messages that fly around on a daily basis you would be alarmed!. This is not even ma jist.
My jist is when and where is it foolhardy to ACCIDENTALLY HAVE AN ACCIDENT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD? No need to go too far, Its OUR DEAR COUNTRY NIGERIA.
I have been unfortunate to have had a near-death experience on the Third Mainland Bridge in our dear Lagos and I can visualise what Da Grin must have gone through.
The questions that any sane Nigerian should ask are; after the accident, was an ambulance readily on ground for quick evacuation? NO, Was he given First-aid immediately? NO, Was he taken to the Intensive care unit of the hospital without having to pay an initial deposit for his care? NO, Were the equipment on ground modern enough to give a correct diagnosis? Diagno…..what? I am sure this certainly is another big NO.
We are all crying, weeping, wailing and mourning the death of a great guy, but do you know what? It was not that accident that killed Da Grin. WE ALL CONTRIBUTED TO HIS DEATH. We KILLED Da Grin.!!!. How you would ask?
What was the cement conveying trailer he ran into, doing parked just on the road in front of the Police station at that time of the night? Did money refuse to exchange hands? If so, the trailer driver and the Law enforcement agents involved are culpable.

Where was the ambulance? Where are the standard hospital equipments? Ask the politicians who chopped the money, they too are all culpable.
Why did the People around him not cry for help on time? They would say it is not in our character to be indisposed since we are super humans (ask Turai!!! she would explain) so our way of thinking is faulty. Every one of us who knows what is right and refuses to do anything about it killed Da Grin. It is easy for us to cry, wail and apportion blames, but until the real positive re-orientation is done, more Da Grins’ will DIE.

Every one of us will be involved in at least one accident in our life time but what will the response be? With all the resources God has given us in Nigeria, no one deserves to die all the cheap deaths that have become our national landmark.
Accidents happen, the reason they are called accidents is because they are beyond us. In our dear Nigeria, it is a huge mistake to have an accident because like in every other aspect of our lives we are totally unprepared.

Rest in peace AKOGUN, sun re o
‘Omo olowu oduru, omo aji fi ipin sere.
Babani loko ka di su wale, ba sibo lokoloko.
Ara owu, omo otenko
Omo owu oru lanseka, Eni se losan kofara re lo
Odigba ose

By Gbenga Adeyinka