So today we’ll be talking about relationships and Im not talking Boyfriend/Girlfriend type relationship, I’m talking the real deal–>MARRIAGE!

Through out my life, I can say I’ve attended well over 10 weddings and as each year has gone by, the quality of these weddings have increased.I do not know about guys but for we girls, we start fantasizing about our wedding days pretty early from the Wedding gown to the Brides Maids dresses and all that 😀

I mentioned earlier that as each year goes by, the quality of weddings I attend keep increasing but theres one more thing thats been increasing too and it really scares me—> DIVORCE!!!!!!!!

Ive been thinking a lot about why this is so and a couple of things came to mind.I have witnessed the preparation of about 3 weddings, each of which started at least a year before the actual wedding; from picking out aso ebi to sending out invites to getting venues and all, I must say its pretty interesting planning weddings,I just might be a wedding planner you know, lol.Weddings in Nigeria have well over 2 parties,we’ve got The Introduction, The Engagement , Engagement Reception, Bachelors Eve, Hens Night, White wedding ,Wedding Reception then Thanksgiving and if you want to put the icing on the cake Thanksgiving Party :).In my parentngagems time it was probably just 2 events; Eent and Wedding, finish! I do not know how and when all these little other events came in ( Thanksgiving party et al) but some how they did.

What exactly is a wedding?A wedding is basically an ushering into marriage, like the entrance of marriage but a lot of people fail to realize this simple fact.People spend years preparing for their wedding day and miss out the most important thing–>their MARRIAGE and I feel this is the reason why the rate of divorce has increased over the past few years.

The wedding day people spend years preparing for is really just a group of critics sitting down to eat your food and comment.These people wont go home with you &  these people wont be there when there are problems so why spend years preparing to entertain them rather than preparing for your actual marriage?I personally feel MARRIAGE is a very big deal and people fail to realise that, at weddings I get really emotional, at times I’m close to tears, not because the wedding is beautiful or the food/ decoration is nice but because these two souls are making such a big/bold step.Marriage is for better for worse and thats scary to me. Our generation need to realise this ‘for better for worse’ thing, its not something you wake up one morning and say oh I’m tired and I want a divorce—> NOOO ,divorce should never be an option.

So please please and please  if you are getting married just because you want to experience a wedding day, make your next birthday theme wedding or something and to all you soon to be wives/husbands spend time learning how to be a good wife/husband, a good mother/father and not how you’ll impress the invitees at your wedding because really and truly they’ll all leave and it would just be you and your spouse left.

Dont get it twisted people, I LOVE WEDDINGS but I understand that I have to be prepared for both the entrance and what I’m entering(Marriage) and you should too 🙂

I really cant wait to see WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO by TYLER PERRY, been searching for it online,if you have a link kindly leave it as a comment 😀



News just reached us at GidiNoize that the Lagos State Government will be hosting the premier edition of the Lagos Carnival from the 3rd of April to the 5th of April 2010. The event is envisaged to be an enjoyable family outing for residents of the great Las Gidi 🙂 as well as tourists.

During the Carnival,parades and floats will be all over major streets on Lagos Island and for the first time will also include Ikoyi and Victoria Islands. These will all culminate at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) in a grand display.

I remember there used to be this afro carribean/west indian(not sure what it was) carnival in Nigeria when I was younger and I still have great memories from back then,it was a really good experience so I urge all parents to take their kids out for this and also kids from selected Secondry Schools around Lagos would be performing at the Junior Carnival which starts at 10 a.m.GidiNoize would post the list of seleted schools as soon as we get them.For now here are some pictures which show the costumes and some o the people who would be involved in the carnival.



News just reached us that MTV base will be celebrating their 5th Year Anniversary this Friday (12-03-2010) at Tribeca.The event promises to be one of a kind with artistes like Naeto C, M.I, Banky W,Eldee and many more in attendance.Its an event not to be missed.GidiNoize reps will be at the event so be sure to watch this space for pictures, news and many more from the event.


MTV Networks Africa and LG Mobile are joining forces to celebrate the fifth birthday of music channel MTV base (DStv Channel 322, AIT and STV) at a celebrity-studded party in Lagos on Friday 12 March.

The MTV “5 On It” bash, sponsored by LG Mobile, will be held at Tribeca, Victoria Island, Lagos, marking the milestone fifth birthday of music channel MTV base with performances from some of the hottest and most influential Nigerian music treasures of the past five years. The party will also celebrate the launch of the LG Mobile New Chocolate series – BL40 and BL20. 

Headlining the glittering party will be MTV Africa Music Award winner Naeto C, double Hip Hop World Award winner Omawumi, R&B maestro Banky W, hip-hop pioneer eLDee and M.I., who took home two MAMA awards from Kenya in October 2009.  Rounding out the evening and working the crowd into a frenzy with some high octane deck action will be the uncontested king of the decks, DJ Jimmy Jatt, alongside the UK’s DJ Fidgit, tour DJ to Missy Eliott. Also during the party, guests will have the opportunity to experience the LG Mobile New Chocolate Phones.

Among the cool customers expected to dazzle on the red carpet at the party will be Nigeria’s contemporary music glitterati, Nollywood stars, socialites and the business elite.  Presiding over the fun will be bubbly MTV VJ Cynthia “C-VON” Okpala, while guests will toast MTV and LG Mobile in champagne courtesy of Christian Audigier.

To win VIP tickets to attend MTV’s fabulous fifth birthday bash, SMS the word “Chocolate” and your name to shortcode 32053, or log onto the MTV base Nigeria fanpage on Facebook at MTV base Nigeria Facebook Fanpage.  SMS messages cost N30.  Terms & Conditions apply. Log onto for more details.  Likewise, the first 100 people to purchase either a BL40 or BL20 phone will get a free ticket to the party.



We At GlobalNoize just read this article which suggests that JAY Z is a DODGY DUDE 😀 and thought we’ll share.


For Jay-Z, the world doesn’t always come up smelling like roses. He might rock the mic and have a beautiful wife, but his latest business deal is under federal investigation for a somewhat shady selection process. Say it ain’t so, HOV!

Here’s how it all breakdowns: Last August, Jay-Z got somewhat friendly with New York Governor David Paterson. In the past, the two have been seen dining and spending time together in the Hamptons. In steps AEG (Aqueduct Entertainment Group), a group with plans to build a racino (that’s a racing track and casino) at Aqueduct Racetrack in New York. Paterson’s goal in tapping AEG was to turn the location into a glamorous, state-of-the-art gaming facility. And here’s where federal investigators are crying foul: According to investigators, AEG Chairman Richard Mays brought Jay in last September to cover 7% of the total venture, a deal Jay was given only because of his friendship with the governor and a falling out with Wynn Resorts Limited.

“Paterson directly told Wynn he needed to have a minority partner, so he went and got Jay-Z. But when Wynn pulled out, Jay-Z was without a home,” a source told The New York Post. “AEG went and grabbed Jay-Z after his deal with Steve Wynn fell through.”

And, almost immediately, both the governor’s office and AEG are denying any such occurrence, instead touting the mass appeal of Jay-Z as a star and entrepreneur as the reason for his inclusion.

“Given [Jay-Z’s] superstardom and his long and deep connection to New York, the partners thought he could bring a unique perspective to shaping a facility that would truly be an entertainment destination,” AEG spokesman Jonathan Rosen said. “The partners were looking to bring in someone who could bring marketing and community advice to the team.”

Also worth noting is that Jay, who had been sentenced to three years probation after stabbing a record executive in 1999, was allowed to stay on as partner, while Darryl Greene had been forced to drop out of the AEG consortium stemming from charges over fleecing several city agencies out of $500,000.



News just reached us at GidiNoize that Femi Anikulapo-Kuti the son of the Late African Legend,Fela Anikulapo-kuti has just been nominated for the 52nd annual Grammy awards under the Best Contemporary World Music Album Category.This award is for his last album Day by Day.

This is the second time Femi will be nominated for a Grammy as he was nominated back in 2003 for his album,Fight to win but unfortunaelty he didnt fight to win that battle as he lost the prize to Ruben blade  but hopefully Femi will bring the Grammy home to us this time.

The award will be taking place on the  31st of January 2010 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

For more details on nominees and who Femi is up against,Visit

Good luck Femi,you can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!