For a couple of days we’ve been having talks on BBM(Blackberry Messenger) and we feel its been a bit unfair as those who do not own Blackberrys cannot participate.

Today, I’m proud tell you that GidiNoize chat is now available here and basically we do is just discuss stuff, anything really.The topic of discussion is picked by you guys and it can be under anything ranging from sports to relationships to religion, anything really.So yh, dont be shy!!!!!!!! 🙂

WordPress Chat


  1. pls keep it up. luv u. pls call me on 0813377822

  2. hello dagrin is dead that really suprise me that is my best artist for now but now is gone dagrin REST IN PEACE

  3. i can’t really believe this can c.e.o go like that?????

    • It painful hearing that the yoruba hip pop is dead

  4. Am really going to miz dagrin..r.i.p

  5. HAAAA bad new

  6. this is very sad…bad news…he no suppose be u

  7. o.m.g cnt still believe da grin z sad,its so sad n painfull…………….mehn awon omo nija kilod e kini da grin shey……… hiz gentle soul rest in peace

  8. the death of my artist my me cry all da grin rest in peace bye for now all fans will never 4get u da grin

  9. am rally sock and culd not believee wen i heard that my hero is dead,the best rapper in naija now,but we still thank God our creator,DAGRIN rest in perfect peace.

  10. aint a fan of BBs, so aint got none to say

  11. i remember wen we use to share skonk dagrin where can we meet aagain i know there is a place for thugs to meet.and that is thug mansion..i see you hommy.

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