So basically I wrote this post last year but I never published it for some reasons–>I guess I thought it wasnt good enough but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.Yh this is a bit unusual,not your typical post yh but we’re unpredicatable like that at GidiNoize so heres today’s sermon


So I have like a million notes on my phone that I wrote at different points in my life and today I’ll be sharing one of them with you guys & hopefully you’ll be able to learn a thing a two.

Since today is a Sunday,Ive decided to share with you a note I did after a sermon by Pastor Sam Adeyemi.This sermon really changed my way of thinking and taught me a lot and I believe you guys will benefit from it too.

Ill start by saying–>A lot of people have asked why I started this site and Ive told the story a couple of times but behind that story another reason I started GidiNoize & it was because of my yearn to own something–>to have my own thing going,you know–>something I can say is MINE and this sermon was what put that quest to own something in me and I hope it will do the same for you too.

Im no preacher so it might not come out as strong as it did the day I heard it but Ill try my best so here it goes

The preacher started off by introducing his topic for the day—>MONEY–>to be honest as soon as I heard the topic I was  like SERIOUSLY???He went on and continued talking, at this point I was already put off and was looking forward to the end of the service & then he brought out a 20 pound note(P.S this was in Nigeria),that caught my attention and from that point I listened (out of curiosity).The preacher pointed out something that day that I had never noticed before and it was the words which were inscribed on the note —> I Promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of  Twenty pounds’ like I said before I had never noticed this and Im sure you hadnt either till bet you guys are wondering  where Im heading to—>trust me I wondered where he was heading to aswell but he got somewhere and we’re getting there too—>LETS GOOOO

Money they say is the root of all evils–>Money is the cause of division amongst societies,countries,families etc—>WHAT EXACTLY IS MONEY? Money is just a piece of paper with a message on it,the paper itself is NOTHING its the VALUE in those 13 words thats SOMETHING,(13 words being the message inscribed on it)–>A blank piece of paper is not money because theres no ‘I Promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of  …..’ signed by the Bank of England or wherever on it right?? Okay now lets go back to VALUE–>A piece of paper has no value,its the words inscribed on it that do.Now lets liken this MAN—>‘MAN’ is the piece of paper which has no value but with the 13 words,value is added to MAN –>so what are those 13 words in your life?

Those 13 words is the difference between YOU and Mark Zuckerberg–>its the difference between a POOR MAN and a RICH MAN.‘You may steal my money(my paper) but you can’t steal those words inscribed on it’ was what the preacher said that day and to further confuse us he went further and said ”I can never be poor again”—>At that point the congregation was at the same point you are now—>wondering what made this man so sure??Now back to the 13 words,what are those 13 words?–>they are IDEAS!

Armed robbers may steal your money(your paper) away but the ideas(the words inscribed on that paper) which were used in giving that money(paper) value in the first place still remain with you.Basically Its like you having a stamp which you could stamp on every single paper to turn it into money, if you really had that stamp do you think you’ll ever be poor? I wont!

I dunno if this is making sense but I hope it is though, it made a whole lot of sense to me when Pastor Sam preached it.

A lot of times we have ideas which pop up in our minds and then we forget or we tell others who say ‘SCAMMZ that wont work’—>look around you every single thing from the chair to the clothes to the fans to this very computer you’re using to read this post were all once JUST IDEAS, it took standing up,picking up the stamp and putting it on the paper to bring these things to life.Dont be afraid,your idea might just be the next addition to the things around you,all it takes is getting up and making a move and also remember it’s not about having ideas and keeping them to yourself, there are over 5 people thinking of that same idea so instead of sitting and telling people about it–>turn it into reality.You can be an entrepreneur,we can all be entrepreneurs–>Even Jesus Christ was an entrepreneur so make the right choice—>Do you want to be a blank piece of paper or a piece of paper with those 13 words.
And I end by asking  ‘Is a man truly poor because he doesnt have money or because he doesnt have ideas’