GidiNoize is a website which updates you on the happenings in Las Gidi.GidiNoize is an Anti-Random Site meaning we do not put up any thing thats Random.

If you have anything you’ll like us to put up send it to gidinoize@gmail.com

P.S GidiNoize will only put up what it feels is Noize worthy!!!

GidiNoize Is Owned By Bunmi Adeyinka



  1. great job ….well done……masivly impressed……promotin lasgidi youths in positive lite

  2. great job….i think you shld get a gidi noise website…..your articles glued me to my sit….if you are intrested in a website that fits Lasgidi…hola Gobbleabba….

    Check out our gidi portfolio….www.gobbleabba.com

    • Thanx a lot,I’m working towards getting a proper website…just looked at your portfolio and I must say im impressed…i shall contact you guys preety soon!

  3. You guys r doing gr8 jare!

  4. Nice work! My advice to you is to keep it as a blog or it will lose its allure, fashi the website. Bella N was soo much better as a blog. Anyways..keep doing you.

    • Thanx but the thing is,with bella naija she lost that flavour she had during the blog because when she actually became a website, she got a team…every writer has their style,its like a voice…u can recognize who wrote what just by reading what they wrote so u see with bellanaija she hired more hands hence there was a diff feel to her stuff,with me even when i become a website I will continue to write my own stuff,the only difference between then and now will be that I’ll have my own domain and i’ll be able to put music and everything on…I wont be limited in any way….I really do appreciate your concern though..dont worry i wont loose my allure.=)

  5. Cool site. BRB 😀

  6. good job bunmi….did is really kool, neva knew u were into writing nd website stuvz.
    nice going gurl!!!!!

  7. Impressive!!
    Two thumbs up!!
    Keep up the good work…

  8. … keep the good work going bunmi…

  9. Nice Site, Very Informative and On Point…Keep the good work…Kind Regards

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