It is official; the most anticipated stage play of 2010 High School Musical on Stage has been penciled to premier on May 27, 2010. 

It has been weeks of hard work at the Kidztrust secretariat in Surulere, Lagos. These past weeks, the licensees of Disney’s High School Musical in Nigeria have not only thrived to bring onboard the right set of people to train the Kids in singing, Choreography and acting, they have also succeeded in bringing together kids with different beliefs from different backgrounds and locations under one umbrella .  

Getting the right team was not a big deal Nigeria is blessed with loads of brilliant and talented people. So, I did my research, I wanted top officials, so I sourced them all Sheila Okonji Ashinze, CEO Kidztrust says  

She continues “And it paid off, we have been through it together, from the initial auditions and call backs in Abuja and Lagos, all the way to the booth camp and now rehearsals, with the help of our partners, it’s been an excellent journey I must say”.  

And as if to add spice to an already seasoned show, the organizers have made public their intentions to bring into the country 24 year old American R&B star Lloyd to perform at the event slated for May 27, 2010 .  

A member of the team at Kidztrust in America says “Young Lloyd is looking forward to coming to Nigeria for the first time. The R&B singer will be performing for those lucky to buy their tickets on time, after which a concert will follow” 


With the 2010 talent search for Disney’s High School Musical now concluded, teenagers and young adults eagerly await the phenomenal debut stage play which will be delivered by a hundred percent Nigerian cast andcrew. 


What better way to empower the cast than for them to share the same stage with award winning RNB singer Lloyd” another member of the team says  


Atlanta based Lloyd Harlin Polite was born in New Orleans. He started his solo career in 2006, and with hit songs “Southside” ft Ashanti, “Get it Shawty” and “You” featuring Lil Wayne, Young Lloyd is one young person whose early life has not been wasted. For six years, he has proved himself as a genuine talent.  

Based on the Disney’s original movie, the show will be premiered on May 27, 2010 at the Eko Exhibition hall from 11am. There will be a red carpet event followed by the premiere, and then the show proper.  

The expectations are high, the kids are waiting with so much enthusiasm, their parents are waiting, their friends and peers can’t wait to watch the show. This is the first time two black performers will be announced as Troy and Gabrielle. 

“It’s been work, work and work at the booth camp, everyone is working well, the entire cast is intriguing, people should come to the show with the hope of seeing a tremendously improved version of HSM stage play” Tarilla Thompson, Director of  High School Musical on stage told news men at the booth camp last week. 



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