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So basically I’m gonna tell you my big secret.Ive got a second family and over the past few months Ive grown to love each and every member of this family even more.

I cant pin point the reason why I love them so much because really there a whole lot of reasons,

Is it the deep thought provoking teachings I get not just on Sundays but during the weekday aswell?


The warmth which I feel when i’m around them?


Is it the fact that they do not judge me?


Is it the fact that they make being a christian fun?


Is it the fact that with them I feel at home and dont really feel the absence of my first family so much?


Is it the fact that those wednesday fellowship meals are sooo delicious


Is it the fact that they give me a reason to want to be in Leeds?


Is it the fact that they believe in me?


Is it the fact that with them I see my future with God actually being in it?


Is it the fact that they cater to my mind, spirit and body?


Is it because the Gospel is full?


I do not know but what I do know is that, the past couple of months with which I have worshipped at CloverLeaf Christian Centre have been my most exciting months in Leeds, I have grown to love God more, I have experienced a whole new type of Christianitythat isnt just the regular sunday sunday stuff, I have experienced the type of Christianity that makes the way of the world unattractive to me, I have experienced the type of Christianity that caters to my needs touching the delicate topics like SEX, RELATIONSHIPS and all which a lot of churches run away from.

The bible says Remember your creator in the days of your youth and I can rightfully say that CloverLeaf Christian Centre has helped me a lot in doing this.

And that is why I am here, I am inviting you to come and worship at my church, it would be selfish of me to keep this secret to myself as I have benefitted a lot from it and would love for you to aswell.

So if you are in Leeds or in a nearby town, do come to CloverLeaf Christian Centre.


The Blue Room

31, the calls, LS2 7EW

CloverLeaf has pick up services so if you want to come on a Sundayand you need a ride in a comfy car down to church, call 07828026581 or send an email to and theyll be there to pick you up and bring you to church and guess what ITS FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upcoming Events.


CloverLeaf Christian Centre would be having RAG DAY on the 25th of April 2010,basically at CloverLeaf, every last Sunday of the month we have Themed Sundays, in May, the theme was Retro and we all came to church in our colourful outfits,afros and all.This months theme is Rag day and basically everyone is to dress in Rags, the message behind this theme is to show you why you should be grateful to God because really some people have to wear these things every day but you dont and you should thank God for that. So the theme is to humble us.

Like I said before the RAG DAY event would hold on the 25th of april, Church service would be from 11am to 1pm but there would be a little surprise after the service so come and see it for yourself.


CloverLeaf Christian centre would be organising a Fun Day on the 3rd of May 2010(May day), its a public holiday so dont worry you are free from work/school.There would be food,games,soccer tournament,american football + more, Details would be uploaded closer to the time.


Next week wednesday, Im not sure what date that is but we’ll be going to see a movie at VUE cinema in Leeds at 7pm, feel free to come, its 2 for the price of one 😀 call 07828026581 for more details.

Join the CloverLeaf Christian Centre group on facebook but clicking here

Follow CloverLeaf Christian Centre on twitter @FromCloverLeaf


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