So finally, after almost a week since the whole D’banj/Genevieve relationship news came out,Genevieve finally talks about it in an interview with Desola Bakare of Encomium.
Enjoy 🙂
Genevieve Nnaji-“I can only say that I would like to keep my private life private and I really don’t have anything to say”

But if one part of a couple reveals that he is going out with someone as high profile as yourself, it makes the story credible if you can actually confirm this…
Genevieve “Dbanj is an adult and he has said something. Let’s just leave it at that…”

But can you clarify the whole thing by simply conforming or denying it?
Genevieve “I don’t want to talk about my private life. I don’t do it. I am well aware that people will say things. People have been calling me to find things out, but I am not going to say anything. I have learnt over the years that no matter what I say, people will say and believe what they like…you can not please everybody. This is my own way of handling things. I just don’t talk about my private life. It’s the one thing I can control”

But is it real or a publicity stunt? Is Dbanj lying?

Genevieve “Does he lie?”

By that are you inferring that he wasn’t telling a lie and what he said is true.

Genevieve “I am not inferring or insinuating anything. One person has said something and that really is enough. I am not saying I will never talk about it, but for now I do not wish to say anything about the matter.”

Source: Desola Bakare – Encomium magazine



  1. Wait… Is this Genevieve babe okay?
    What’s the big deal in saying just “Yes” or “No”.. Kini “private life private life”
    She needs to sit her ibo ass down and think about her life.
    Being a celebrity already makes her ass public, a simple Yes/No answer would have been okay.
    Personally, I feel she’s daft.

    • Clever girl Genevieve! Don’t say a word, Protect what you treasure.
      The DAFT one is the person who can’t respect other people’s privacy!!

    • ‘Ibo ass’ do I sense some tribalism on gidinoize web or what?!!!!!!!!!!! what do you mean by that silly phrase. Rubbish!

    • Pose or pussy or what ever animal you call yourself, You are just another faceless Idiot. Too bad you don’t have good education! Idiots talk like Imbeciles when they are not educated, look for a nearby primary school cos you’re really disadvantaged.

    • sharap yu bastard!

  2. Ibo ass ko, ibo ass ni. I’m solidily behind u ella, ride on girl.

  3. ahahaha genny is dating dbanj!!!

  4. I support You Genny…Whatever anybody wish to say with His or Her Mouth is Okay.But lets think of it whats bad in D’banj and genny dating each other!!!!

  5. seriously¬!
    this is a joke! the woman is more or less saying that she is going out with dbanj. I envy the patience of interveiwer. after persisting like that and genevieve wouldnt even bat an eyelid. But if she cant deny it then its happening. please readers are not dumb, but this economiun people should have just paid her for an exclusive then we wouldnt be subject to reading this interveiw that looked as if it was heading no where.

  6. MEHN POSE YOU GOT IT RIGHT…..GENEVIEVE SIT YOUR MAWFCKING IBO ASS DOWN….shes soo rotten….ah well thts how MOST ibo gurls r.. mchew

    • u r more than an idiot look u will never understand a thing n mind u being a celeb doent make u less

    • U are a Big Nincompoop…Know Big Bingopoop…yes dat is what u are someonethatlikesposse or whatever u call ur retarded name. And by d way d compliment is for u and posse. Wetin concern where she come from with d matter? U a tribal pig and u are obviously frustrated that ur little pecker can never peck in Genie’s region even if u were to come back to earth 100 times. Fool its ur mama’s tribe that is rotten…good for nothing sorry assed mowdafucker!!!

    • take a chill pill guyz and stop talkin bout igbos. genny cud av bin 4rm any tribe. i think shes jus happy wit d relationship so has decided 2 kip stuff private. wish em bestest luck.

    • Do you know you are a big full.where are you from self?do you know what your problem is,jealousy. instead of you to appreciate that the queen of the screen finally accept ur so called humanizer kokomaster you are their talking rubbish.stop being tribalism here. ibo girls are genius if you don’t know.can you compare any Yoruba artist with the queen of the screen geny.

  7. I luv u geneive……… i also luv d banj dis’s d ist tym entertainmnt is ril in 9ja. Bliv m wen i say dis’s d bst couple eva in 9ja’s entertainment industry GO GO d banj!!!! Plz do ur tn grl

  8. Wow, dis is so gud, i mean i dnt c anything wrong with dat. i tink she was trying 2 have her privacy n i tink is gud.

  9. Am just thinkn mayb they wana be lyk Jay Z and B..

  10. dbanj just wan shoot parole jor

  11. all i know, weather good or bad, people wil alwayz say something. Genevieve live ur life 2 d fullest. Nd don’t mind wat people say. Alwayz see ur self as the best.

  12. hmm! genny & d’anj …big trash,who re they foolin,if it was a lie she would ve denied it outrightly,love indeed,maybe someone1 is tyrin to uipdate his dating list.anyway lets wait for ‘niga wonder’ to happen,nija jzay n beyonce…kokolet indeed…..anythin can happen though!!!

  13. Who d fuck are u ‘some one that likes pose’ or watever u call urself. U said she’s rotten, try and tell dat 2 Dban’j. U know who he is right. In case u’ve forgotten, Dban’j is one of d most famous artists in Africa… Soo falling helplessly in luv wit Genny means he saw something great in d Imo born DIVA, and i’m soo happy dat she’s Ibo. U’re d type of guy dat cast girls when u ask them out and they turn u down.

  14. D + G, another designer, ride on, no shaking d&g…ibo or no ibo, who no de fuck? D’banj ur d man doug.

  15. genny u could ans the YES OR NO are you not proud of okoko master you could have give us answer to clear ur fans anyway is is true i wish you best of luck

  16. Rid on genny my modela,i av alwys admird evry damm thin abt u,so diff 4rm other actrss,cause lots of dem ant gottn d maturity u av by kpin ur privecy nt after d urge 4 d interwiewer.&as 4 d big joblss fool sayin al knds of thins abt u,i thnk dey envy u cause they wonna gt a thirst of ur guzzy body,bt aint oppurtund cause u wrk wit rid on wit ur nwly found luv.luv u

  17. g dearie,hope u know wat ur getting before u leap but follow ur heart.God is ur strenght.

  18. wish d’banj nd genny all d best.hop dis rltnshp woks out 4u 2.

  19. hop it olids 2marige as well cos u guys aint young anymore.nyway,al d best

  20. I’m so happy 4 u guyz. My best musician and best actress, can’t wait to b ya little bride

  21. make u hold am tight d,banj, teach her the koko

  22. D & G, 4rm d name u can tel dat dey ar going 2 b a perfect march…i luv u both,4 u Geni,i advice u 2 wait until d nie has bn hitin b4 u can say anytin.4get abt dose sying nosence u knw it dat dey wil always want 2 talk ,is just jeliousi. 4 get them.i luv u & i wil alwys wish u wel.happi luv life

  23. Free them! Ski banj. Leave them 2 say whatever they want. It is said, talk is free. Una blood stil fresh una neva enter 45. Bursting is free.

  24. I just got taken back by the headline.This for me looks good n am happy 4 both of them,seriously sum of u’z lot here have twisted minds(ibo ass),talk about tribalism in 21st century naija,this comes @ d time when we tryna rebuild jos n am sure its those yoruba chicks that r jealous, that on every front is wrong,by d wayam yoruba myself n i luv genevieve so gud luck to both of them, d real story here is whether this relationship can actually stand the test of time n seriously both of them need to settle down cuz they gettin old but hey good luck.


  26. All u haterz need a life!!! she wants 2 leave her private life exactly as it is PRIVATE!!!! Geesh, leave her alone!! just coz she doesnt want 2 comment is none of ur business!!

  27. I think it’s good that she’s trying to protect her private life.
    Im pretty sure that Ella chic didn’t mean her ‘Ibo ass’ comment as an insult to Ibo people…LOOSEN UP people!

  28. I beg leave her jare.. she dey form. is she the only Star.. whats the big deal? YES or NO thats all. Don’t mind her. Na her Time


  30. i think she knows wat she is doing for keeping things to herslf,mind u she is an adult she can handle thinsgs hersef.

  31. na real bullshit….nobody hates them but the point is there is nothing private about saying yes or no, she is just being over sensitive about it… if she is proud of what she’s doing, she should say yes or no…. think about this; What will the press say about her yes or no when Dbanj has already said it… U guys should not be sentimental, we all like the both of them….

  32. wts up wit u guys? do u av a problem wit d fact dt dey re datin?, dts if dey re afterall they re nt bad 2geda. stop h8in pls and quit d tribalism….dis is some1s personal life we re talkin bout here k so u guys shud be a bit consider8 4 d fact she is a celebrity doesnt mean she cnt av a bit of privacy. pleeeeeeeeeeease…………….

  33. My God,so many haters arund here,u pple r evil I swear u R the one dat spit fire into our environments.allow her to answr the way she she get ha mouth n ha life .ah ahhn beef.and as for that sick ass moFo,that’s bein a tribalist in d 21st century u no go skul ur obviously an illiterate. Need I say more? Nahh I no fit waste spit on u sef. Tufiaaa to u

  34. Seriously,i like the fact that these guys are going out………Jenevieve knows what is good for her & let the two lovebirds be….If she doesn’t wanna reveal then fine it’s her own privacy….

  35. Atleast we all know that it was because she featured in his music video fall in love. Bola had a really small role, and I wonder why…

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