I didnt realise how serious what was going on in Jos was till a couple of minutes ago.This is worse than Haiti or any natural disaster because this is something we can stop.These people are humans just like you and I, a lot of them are kids, they have dreams, they have loved ones, they have parents, brothers and sisters, they have their whole lives ahead of themIs it fair to cut their lives short over issues they know nothing about?

We have to put a stop to this, there is no need for this fight.In our little way lets come together and try to end the killing in Jos, all it takes is you telling people about it, let everyone know the severity of whats really going on, lets make noise till the Government decides to help, lets make noise to people in higher authoroities stand up and help, lets make noise!!!!!!!!!!!! #StopTheKillingInJos thats all I ask.You are sitting in the comfort of your home with no worry in the world, this people cant do the same, they have their homes but they are on the run cause of whats going on…We just have to stop this, tweet, facebook,blog,shout,scream,sing do whatever you can for people to hear. The killing has to stop!!!!!!

Click here to see pictures



  1. wow…..:(
    may their souls rest in peace!…..:(

  2. This is wicked! governments should please stand up and do something about this brutal killing. May the souls of the late, rest in peace.

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