So a couple of days ago,I got an email from a friend asking me to support a movement called W.A.R,first I was a baffled as in ahahn WAR???Pls then she explained further—>W.A.R which’s full meaning is Walk Against Rape is a campaing against rape and on the 12th of March 2010 a couple of celebrities will be Walking literally against rape, though I wont be there in person but this is my little way of showing my support and below is a brief summary of what W.A.R is all about.


Celebrities Walk Against Rape Campaign is a special demonstration that will bring Nigerian Actors, Actresses, Sport Men, Media Practitioners, Musicians, DJs and Comedians to come together and lend a voice to sexually abused women in the society, taking them from a stage of self denial to self determination, self defeatism and under-achievement to self esteem and self achievement and showing their support to the course of bringing an abrupt end to RAPE in Nigeria where the number of rape cases is on the increase.


Entertainment Stars wield so much social power, they are prime influencers of lifestyle and they need to be sustained as behavioral and attitudinal change agents in the society, teachers of the right principles (such as W.A.R) for self accomplishment and advocates of good behavior.


To reduce the soaring rate of sexual abuse and rape in our society, using entertainment stars as mentors and muse


To use “Walk Against Rape” as a tool to inform the society about the soaring scourge of sexual abuse especially as it relates to young girls and women in general.


To help in encouraging victims to speak out and reduce the stigmatization attached to the victims of sexual abuse and Rape. So we want you,yes you reading this to join us all in lending a voice to our society and the world to fight against RAPE.

For more info click here



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