So basically we at GidiNoize observed a few things and thought we’ll throw this question out to our readers.

First Observation;When Beyonce won the award for Best Female Vocal Performance first thing she did was hug Jay after which she proceeded on stage and said ‘I love my husband’  Jayz response to this was just a shrug?

See for yourself

Second Observation: When Jayz,Rihanna and KanyeWest won the award for Best Hip Hop Collaboration,Jayz did not even look at Beyonce before going on stage.

Once again see for yourself

We at GidiNoize ARE NOT saying there is FRICTION but we are ASKING if there is?

Lets hear your thoughts!



  1. seems so cuz he actually didnt even look at her when he got up.

    may be his ego is suffering under her influence. last year, he made $17M and she made $57M or something like that.

    so i guess he was probably way too happy to have won something…and just went for the prize.

    still, he looked genuinely happy for her; and may be he shrugged when she said she loved him cuz they’re supposed to keep their life private?

    my 2cents

  2. Lol
    c’mon naw
    I don’t think so
    n it s
    wasn’t a bad shrug he was smiling, like a ‘ow baby’ kinda shrug
    n I don’t think he unintentionly got up without looking at her
    just saying

  3. Nah….heZ just maintaing his swag 100%….he actually did smile.

  4. naaaaaa!!!Jay n B are still tyt!dey dnt have to act all mushy mushy cuz either of them won awards…dey’ve got class n swag….they wer jst showcasing it!

  5. Jay-Z immediately stood up and turned his back to Beyonce to greet Rhianna so they could go on stage and accept their award. He did not even acknowledge Beyonce and you could tell Bey was waiting for Jay to turn back around to her but once Rhianna was near him, Jay-Z only turned around to grab Jules hand and walk on stage and STILL IGNORED Beyonce. No hug at all!! When Bey, went up for Halo she turned to Jay to huge and kiss him, Jay gave her a half ass hug, you could see on utube how he didn’t even touch her arm!! Sorry, but that was very DISRESPECTFULL just like giving her 6 grammys!! What a JOKE!!!!!

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