I know what ur thinking,I thought so too—->The kini big deal crooner just keeps bagging all sorts of educational certificates ayy? Well nah thats not the case!

Naeto C has been chosen as the headline performer at the 2010 Annual ‘Harvard Business School Africa Conference concert and fashion show‘. He will also be a speaker on the entertainment panel at the Main Conference which is themed “A Continent Comes of Age: Defining A New Era of African Business“.

Naeto C will be attending these occasions alongside various Gidi Greats and i’m talking about the likes of  Nuhu Ribadu, Toyin Subair, Udoma Udoma, Nduka Obaigbena, Nasir El-Rufai and many more.For moral support Naeto C will have the Duro crooner, YQ and his official Dj; Deejay Neptunes with him.

This is a great achievement for Naeto C,though some of you may be wondering ‘KINI BIG DEAL‘ well its a big deal actually and this is what Storm Records had to say about it–>“Storm is happy to partner with Harvard Business School Africa Conference organisers to deliver some world class talent from Nigeria to that larger audience”

Who says whiz kids dont enjoy good music too–>I Haha



Mr & Mrs Yobo

So a couple of months back, we at GidiNoize did a post telling you about the former most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Adaeze Igwe and how she was proposed to by the Nigerian footballer, Joseph yobo—>I must say, Joseph Yobo is quite a romantic dude but not as romantic as this guy I found(Just had to slip that in) 😀

So yh while we were on break,on the 31st of december 2009 the former MBGN and her fiance finally tied the knot and not only did they tie knots they also uhmmm uhm okay dunno how to say this but yh she also took in like they say in naija well yh shes pregnant too.

As usual we at GidiNoize have got a couple of pictures to show u guys.

so yh!



So yes!!!!! GidiNoize is back well not with a BANG but we are back tho…lol—>Its been a while and we must say we’ve really missed talking to you viewers and hopefully this feeling is mutual! 🙂 but if not uhm—>:-(

So basically in the subsequent posts after this, GidiNoize will be giving you a highlight on the various ‘Noize Worthy’ things which have happened between now and when we initially went on break so dont touch that X yet pls!

And yh We hope ur exams went well and to those still on that exam P—>GoodLuck!!!!!!!!

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As you all know GidiNoize has been on break for a while now and I must say–>I have really missed blogging.

For me to come back just to do one post even in the midst of exams and all must mean its something really Noize worthy.Once again the Ko Easy crooners,Ajebutter 22 and SocialAjeButterfly are back with another hit single telling us about a long distance love story between a London girl and a Lagos boy.

I wont bore you with my screed but Ive got just one thing to say London Girl to a Lagos Boy=Major Tune!


DOWNLOAD: Soyinka’s Afro – London Boy to a Lagos Girl