TBH I was really sad when I heard this infact I’m still sad.I love Tristian Wilds and those who know me can testify to that.Im sure I’m not the only female thats pissed atm well what can we do?Anyways so back to the story.

According to our sources,Rihanna has got a new man and that new just so happens to be Dixon from 90210 :-(.

News came out when the 20 year-old actor,Tristian Wilds was invited to Rihanna’s private party at her LA home this weekend during which the two decided to show some sweet displays of affection.

“No one knew why Tristan was there initially, because it was not an industry party — it was very intimate,” says a fellow guest. “But everyone quickly realized they weren’t meeting for the first time, because they were openly affectionate for everyone to see.”

Tristan, who is currently working on an album too, and Rihanna were introduced by a music producer and instantly hit it off. Sources say Tristan is a real gentleman(of course he is *rolls eyes*), completely different from Chris Brown, and that Rihanna  lit up as soon as he walked into the party. Aww… they make such a cute couple…NOT!



  1. she obviously has a thing for light skinned dudes lol

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