mainbeNews just reached us at GidiNoize that Beyoncé will be summoned to court next month regarding the rights to the Destiny’s Child hit song “Cater 2 u”.The copyright claim for the song was first put forward in 2006 by Chicago songwriter and performer Rickey Allen, who claims that he passed his demo of the song onto Chicago remixer Maurice Joshua, who coincidently has a long history of working with Destiny’s Child and Beyonce Knowles.

After passing on his demo to Joshua, Allen says that the two were supposed to meet up for a recording session – which never happened. Joshua then spent several hours in a session with Destiny’s Child (who all appear on the writing credits) and Beyonce who is also listed as a producer.

The songwriter claims his song was stolen although a couple of his lyrics were changed e.g

When Allen’s song says: “I want to rub you down,” Destiny’s Child asks: “Want a foot rub?”

When Allen’s lyrics say: “The tub has hot steam rising,” and “I’m waiting to soak your body through.The Destiny’s Child song offers to: “Let me run your bath water.”

This isn’t the first time Beyonce has been accused of lying or plagiarism but however may the best man win.The court hearing would have been earlier but due to scheduling conflicts, the trial is now scheduled to take place on December 10th.

Sorry B!


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