1. I love this song sooo much!!!! like it makes a lot of sense!!! I LOVE NAETO!!!!

    • hi how my name is maxin i am a musiciam k

  2. Terry g is jst 2 good.Terry g is everything sm1 can think of.

  3. Terry G is smthing every1 cud tink of i mean his guymanness is everything meeen….His freemadness video is more like d song itself.Slim shady

  4. terry g is d hottest, is too bad. am willing to be a mad man because of him. as for mallam spicy he should go and look for a job, he his nothing but a low life. TERRY G YOU ARE THE BOMB. slizzy

  5. 9ice song

  6. 2 gud

  7. terry g u hav goodluke following u becuse i dnt see anythin intresting about u songs people go crazy about

  8. terrw G…i luv ur swagg just continue 2 kip it gingered….FREE ME PRRRAA !!!

  9. Terry g u hot, i can just explain u i luv ur swagger. just keep on gingering me wit ur tracks and remix.

  10. i love terry g and i 9ice musici

  11. i love terry g and i love is music

  12. I terry idey fell ur swager,bbs say so.

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