Soyinka's Afro

Soyinka's Afro

Over the past few days I’ve Interviewed various young talents one of which Includes that of the members of the HipTroUnkSoul group, Soyinka’s Afro.

Soyinka’s Afro consists of 2 members, Ajebutter22(Akitoye Balogun) and SocialAjeButterfly(Temilola Balogun), you can look through the Interview Archives to know more abut them.

Now to the main thing.

A couple of minutes ago I got an email containing their new song, Ko-Easy and seriously mehn that song Ko Easy Rara.This is something you have never heard before and I’m not even Exaggerating.To be honest, I’m in shock cus what you expect from Nigerians is the usual TILE TILE LETS GO GINGAH type of song but this is totally different,its a style of music you have never heard before,its not rap,its not r & b,its not reggae its HipTroUnkSoul, u heard that word before???Nah! didnt think u had either nwaez  like I said before I just got this song minutes ago and I’ve played it 4 times times already, I’m even still playing it as I’m typing now thats to show you how good and catchy it is.

From the first second of the song, your head just starts bumping to the beat without u even making a concious effort , this happened to me so I know what I’m talking about.From the beat to the lyrics to the tune to the timing to the voices mehhhhhhnnnnnnn every single thing is On Point.Enough of me talking,Bet u’re anxious to hear the song so here it goes—>

That was just a taste of what their Album, Evolution Of The Fro is gonna be like so make sure u grab a copy as soon as it drops in January.


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  1. men this is sickkkk am a fan!

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