• mamamtvIt’s a wrap folks. After party next. It’s bn atg reportin live from the moi int’l sports complex in nairobi. Kenya21 minutes ago
  • #mama 2009 congrats to all nigerian ‘winners’ KEL DBANJ M.I,2FACE, DAREY NAETO C, BIGIANO, MOHITS ALL STARS, P SQURED23 minutes ago
  • Last set of the night: ‘wanna be starting smethn remix’ @wyclef and akon and all nominees in tribute to MJ25 minutes ago
  • #mama @iamdbanj wins artiste of the year second year in a row. He also won d prize in Abuja last year27 minutes ago
  • Lucky Dbanj. Didn’t win any of his categories; yet he walks away with the biggest prize: artiste of the year.29 minutes ago
  • #mama 2009 and the artiste of d year is: DBANJ 31 minutes ago
  • #mama 2009. Now confirmed, donjazzy absent42 minutes ago
  • @iambanj hitting d stage now wiv mohits and stlabout 1 hour ago
  • RT @towmee: I’m guessin if the next MAMAs are held in DRC, Fally Ipupa & Awilo will win all the awardsabout 1 hour ago
  • @mi_abaga floors kanye west and jay Z to claim d #mama best hip hop prizeabout 1 hour ago
  • @mi_abaga grabs second prize at d 2009 #mama.about 1 hour ago
  • #mama 2009 best hip hop act: @mi_abaga!!!!!!!!about 1 hour ago
  • #mama2009. Lighters and phones in d air as @wyclef does tribute song to lucky dubeabout 1 hour ago
  • #mama 2009. ‘They say I cut off my dread; u don’t av to av dreads to be a rasta’ – @wyclefabout 1 hour ago
  • #mama 2009 performin now: @wyclef, nameless and saminiabout 1 hour ago from UberTwitter
  • #mama 2009 Dube’s son receiving award on his behalf. Crying, he says father’s music legacy will continue to live wiv us allabout 1 hour ago
  • ‘U can take his flesh; but u can’t take his soul’ @wyclef, on Lucky dube who was assasinated in 2007about 1 hour ago
  • #mama 2009. @wyClef now paying tribute to hiphop in africa, as he preps to introduce lucky dube’s mama legend awardabout 1 hour ago
  • #mama 2009 best video: HHPabout 1 hour ago
  • #mama 2009. Rightnow, @iamdbanj and sway to present award for best videoabout 1 hour ago
  • The 2009 edition of MTV africa music awards was ‘make or mar’ for d organisers. Thankfully, they’v had a gd show so farabout 1 hour ago
  • #mama 2009. Still to hit d stage @iamdbanj and d mohits all stars.about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Great debut for general pype at d mamasabout 2 hours ago
  • #Mama 2009 @wyclef n akon just showed africa their boxers!!!!! – they took off dem jeans and showed us their private parts..about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009 performing now : Lira, Pype and @mi_abaga. Joint setabout 2 hours ago
  • #Mama 2009 @wyclef and akon just showed africa their boxers!!!!!about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. @wyclef and akon taking off their shirts and doing acrobatic displays. The crowd? Wild!!!about 2 hours ago
  • @@wyclef challenging Akon to a ‘power tussle’. ‘Lers do 25 push ups’. They’re doing it!!!!about 2 hours ago
  • #Mama 2009 best alternative winner: Zebra and Giraffeabout 2 hours ago
  • Fellow nominee @darey on stage with 2face to receive d best r and b prize.about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009 best r and b act: 2face Idibia!!!!!about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009 best r n b to be announced shortly by naeto c and sizweabout 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009: abuja crowd: plastic. Kenya crowd: raw and wild! Great sound. Gr8 set. Gr8c audience. Lavish live music!!!about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Trevor Nelson was a disaster as host last year. But @wyclef has taken it to such fabulous heights!! Gifted, natural entertainer!about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009 best listener choice: Nameless (Kenya)about 2 hours ago
  • Psquare’s #mama absence. There are rumours bt we cnt confirm anythn for now.about 2 hours ago
  • RT @SapphireChic: Africa, we have more where that came from! Music lives in Naija! #mama 2009about 2 hours ago
  • #mama2009 surpris moment: @wyclef brings d event chef on stage. ‘Woat kinda aid does kenya nid’ he asks him; jokin dt he’s tryna pul a kanyeabout 2 hours ago
  • Psquare av not attended any awards this year. They shunned hhwa, smva and they’re conspicuously missin @ #mama 2009.about 2 hours ago
  • @mi_abaga giving props to chocolate city, african youths and preachn d gospel of 1 africaabout 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Best new act: @mi_abagaabout 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Psquare absent to receive their best group prizeabout 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Best group: psquare!!!about 2 hours ago
  • RT @towmee: Amani – Best Female? I’m not too sure about that one…about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Akon n lira now on stage to present best groupabout 2 hours ago
  • #mama2009. Where’s @soundsultan?about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. crazy collabo: 2face, HHp, sound sultan… Strollin str8 to d top of his game; this Innocent Ujah Idibia!about 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Kenya dominatin d winners’ list so far. Nameless, wahu, amani all winnersabout 2 hours ago
  • RT @kelonline: So it went to Amani(Kenya)…..big ups to her…☺about 2 hours ago
  • #Mama 2009: great medical team, emergency provisions and exits. But they nd to hurry up n start giving our homeboys d plaques.about 2 hours ago
  • #Mama 2009 at least 5 persons undergoin emergency treatment. Situations rangin from food poisoning 2 fever 2 contact lens disaster n shockabout 2 hours ago
  • #Mama 2009. Best female act goes to Amaniabout 2 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Too much dead air. Every1’s waitn now. Nothn happenin on stageabout 3 hours ago
  • #Mama 2009: best performer Samini (ghana). Best male: Nameless (kenya)about 3 hours ago
  • Second round of akon and @wyclef duet #mama 2009about 3 hours ago
  • How come #MAMA 2009 is not yet a trendin’ topic? Does d world know what’s happenin in nairobi tonite?about 3 hours ago
  • Late SA reggae star Lucky Dube to be honoured with a post-humous award tonight. #mama2009about 3 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. We r convincd d guys @ MTV r determind 3 right al d wrongs of last yr tonit. Gd job so far, apart from shoddy pre show logisticsabout 3 hours agoUberTwitter
  • #mama 2009. Who do u thnk will b tonight’s big winners?about 3 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. First collabo of dnite: @wyclef and Akon. Lawd! Cash rules everythn ’round me! Where my money @. Great sound! Nice crowd tooabout 3 hours ago
  • #Mama 2009. Apart from nominees, not many musicians n industry peops from d continent r here. Bt jall’s full 2 capacity and guests r avn funabout 4 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Now playing: hips don’t lie. No. Shakira’s not here. ‘Clef working d cutwith his 5-piece band and backn jockeyabout 4 hours ago
  • @thismetachic. Chillin at d green room. #mama 2009 4 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Now playing: 911 by ‘clef. Dude’s driving d audience crazy with guitar stuntsabout 4 hours ago
  • #mama 2009. Now playing: gone till novemberabout 4 hours ago
  • Show kicks off with host Wyclef doing a tribute acappela to African nations #mama 2009about 4 hours ago
  • #MAMA 2009. Spotted: osa sunny adun, alex okosi, sunday are, felix akugha, chris ubosi, tola odunsi, azuka ogujiuba, biodun caston dada…about 4 hours ago
  • Guests now takin their seats inside d indoor arena, moi sports centre. #MAMA 2009about 4 hours ago
  • #MAMA 2009. Akon arrives, dressed in an all-white ensemble.about 5 hours ago
  • Dbanj, Ikechukwu and cecil hammond arrive, waiting to take their turn on d red carpetabout 5 hours ago
  • #MAMA 2009. Kenyan couple nameless and wahu arriveabout 5 hours ago
  • #MAMA 2009. Red carpet getting hot! Arrived so far: @darey, mo hits all stars, naeto c, hhp etc. @Wyclef show up on a bikeabout 5 hours ago



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