The ‘Maga Don Pay’ crooner, Kelly Hansome in his recently released song called ‘Igwe (kom kom)’ disses the entire Mo’hits crew,from saying Wande Coal looked like a COW to saying The whole mohits crew are MUMU’S.According to our findings Wande Coal was said to have Ignited the beef with his song ‘Na who born the maga’ which was supposedly aimed at Kelly Hansome.

Just a couple of weeks back we reported about the MI/Iceberg slim beef.Whats really happening in the entertainment industry in Gidi,could it be that the not so big stars are beefing the big ones to get attention????Well lets watch and see..Its quite entertaining I must say!

Are the Mo’hits crew gonna reply?Or just Ignore Mr Handsome??watch this space to find out.

Listen to Igwe(KomKom) below!!!!!



  1. All of them are not serious, they are just creating unnecessary attention and division in the industry. Ruggedman and Eedris once did it at the end of the day they became friends and even did a song together. Meanwhile, my own concern to all of them is the noise they make when they get little money…i mean hundreds of thousands or even a little over one million they start jumping, shouting and harrassing all as if they are the best and the richest in the industry. Let them remember that King Sunny Ade, Obesere, K1, Adewale Ayuba, et.c are still around with cool big bucks in bank and at hand,.

  2. kelly is right to some extent….i love this song, its on repeat mode on my ipod….t’s fender to bumber, not bumper to bumber…lol

  3. Kelly went 2 far in d song,i tink he cld av bin more coded instead of spilling out deir names,in short,i tink kelly handsome is a dumb ass hole.watz his prob wit terry g ,i tink he’s jst bin jealous.agrhh annoying!

  4. you are my star for ever. Go girl you deserve all the best.

    keep it up.

    smile ya

  5. I like d song and your post ,keep it up..

  6. Guys check dese meanings out –
    FENDER : any of the corner parts of the body of a motor vehicle, that surround each wheel

    BUMPER : a projecting rim or bar on the front or back of a vehicle, designed to protect it from damage
    KH are u making any sense? Try to consult d dictionary next time,at least u go school. cos “fender to fender” doesn’t fit in, has no meaning.
    Let’s ask him, “KH what do want, some kinda collabo? ok u have it, next time ask politely.

  7. I feel very sad when i had kelly mention terry G in his new recent song,though it none of my bizz if he’s having beef with the M’o hit all start but he shouldnt have metion terry G because i too like that guy for my own likeness,Kelly Handsome I think Bumber to Bumber really make lot of sences next time before you react or beef anyone i think you got lot of assignment to work onand keep yourself real..

  8. I feel you kh you really did well i fact i expected more than that wande must be stupid to spill the first blood but i still dont know what terry g did but ur d man.

  9. Menh u really finish the mo hit crew,i love ur stlye but the fact still remains that wande coal will outshine u,train u,& if u misbehave he wil chain u, & if he chain u,na wetin u go do!

  10. dont u guys know why kh is dissing terry g……..terry g has become d beatmaker for mo hits………..

  11. i just hope its all a publicity stunt. cos for kelly to diss mo’hits, he must be mad. these are some of the best artistes in africa plus the best producer to ever come out of 9ja. pls kelly dont throw rocks at the throne. if you want to play go play somewhere else. mo’ hits is busy. i just hope they wont stoop to his level by talking back at him most especially d’banj. as for d’prince (omoba), w.c, sid, k switch, dont dirty your hands playing with mud ie. kelly handsome.

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