The Beef Between M.I And Iceberg Slim


So many things have been speculated such as a freestyle/rap battle between Iceberg Slim and M.I amongst other things due to specific lines in Iceberg’s song which’s lyrics go like this

I am tired of the same ol’ question that they all ask about me

Am I better than M.I?

I don’t know. Am I?

Matter of fact,

you should ask M.I

M.I on the other hand recently released a track in reply to Iceberg titled “Somebody wants to die” in which he gave an overall kick to those hating on his shine with lines like

“Yes I do do BEEF but right now i’m fasting…You don’t even want it anyway so why you asking?…N**as want drama i’mma holla when i’m casting.”

2 days later Iceberg Slim kicked subliminals “Somebody Wants To Die“, I’ll be responsible for the “Assassination” …let the countdown begin…(I told em it would be a M.I.stake, but they didn’t listen)”

According to Sauce Kid’s recent status ‘updates on Facebook it seems he is in full support of Iceberg Slim Therefore Inherititing the beef between M.I and Iceberg. Could this really be a controversy brewing or just a popularity stunt? Who knows? You be the judge.

Watch Iceberg Freestyle Video Clip Below


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  1. M i is da best as long as he does not contest with da less rap stars.

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